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Oft-Troubled Picholine Goes on Hiatus Until September

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Photo: Picholine

The long-suffering Picholine has quietly closed it doors for the remainder of the summer for "building repairs and summer vacation." A note posted in the window promises that it will reopen on September 4 and reservations are available on OpenTable after that date. If this sounds familiar, it's because Terrance Brennan last closed the 20-year-old then-Michelin-starred restaurant two summers ago, for what was supposed to be a major renovation.

At the time the promise of a revamp was enough to earn the restaurant a reprieve from Eater's Deathwatch, but then departure of a partner and $189,000 of unpaid rent prevented the full renovation and spun the restaurant into bankruptcy. Despite all odds, Picholine did reopen after several months, only to lose its Michelin star a year later. Will this summer vacation be the boost the restaurant has been waiting for? Or does it quietly signal the end? Only time will tell.
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35 W 64th St, New York, NY

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