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NIMBYs Outraged By The Spotted Pig's Bench Situation

The Spotted Pig by Krieger

Neighbors of The Spotted Pig aren't happy with the restaurant's outdoor benches. A complaint to the neighborhood Community Board describes what The Villager calls a "particularly egregious" bench situation outside of April Bloomfield's perennial West Village hot spot: two benches, one built around a tree, plus a whole lot of plants, all creating a serious "bottleneck effect." Complaints have also recently been filed against Wallse's tree bench, but that was reportedly taken down after a visit from the Sanitation Department.

As the community board's district manager Bob Gromley puts it, the benches are illegal, although "nice to have." CB 2 is currently trying to figure out which city agency to contact about the issue, but it's not quite clear which should be responsible for dealing with the benches. The Parks Department will deal with it only if the benches are harming a tree, while the Department of Sanitation will only get involved if the benches are determined to be "part of the sidewalk." The Department of Transportation, meanwhile, will have nothing to do with it. As Gromley notes: "The tree benches are always an amenity to the restaurants, sometimes an amenity for pedestrians, and always a nuisance for the city."
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