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The Gorbals, A Celebrity Chef Restaurant for Williamsburg

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Take a look around Ilan Hall's homage to hipsterdom, The Gorbals, which opened Tuesday in Urban Outfitters' new Williamsburg concept store Space Ninety 8. The restaurant, which is just above the menswear department, is lit with a large skylight; the floors are lined with weathered wood, and the tables appear to be made from finished plywood. The open concept kitchen has a large wood-burning oven and a multicolored tile finish that adds a pop of color to the room.

The menu is divided into field, coop, stream, and barn categories that include Hall's much touted bacon-wrapped matzo balls, along with the long promised schnitzel with talons, and Banh mi poutine made with "thrice-cooked" French fries. Hall has also added the humorously named "Jewish lunchbox" of fried barley, poached egg, gefilte fish cake, and dill kimchi to the menu. For dessert there are brownies served with candied onion, and warm cherries with fennel seed ricotta and olive oil. The restaurant will also be operating a rooftop bar, which sports intimate tents and wooden stump stools.


The Gorbals
Space Ninety 8, 98 N 6th St, Brooklyn

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The Gorbals

Space Ninety 8, 98 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY

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