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Katz's Deli Is Hurting From Endless Street Construction

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From the Katz's Twitter account, the collapsed street in front of the restaurant.

Two months after a major water main break on East Houston, Katz's Deli is still struggling with endless street repairs. Although the pastrami icon managed to stay open through the whole water main ordeal, it has taken a major business hit this spring and summer, according to The Lo-Down. Owner Jake Dell says that during construction, water for the entire neighboring area is periodically turned off.

The ongoing project to fix up East Houston, which started long before the water main break, has also been causing problems. Dell says that it makes it impossible for customers from out of town to park and pick up takeout orders. Nearby Punjabi Deli is also struggling to keep up its cab driver business amid the construction. In general it's been a rough few months for East Houston businesses, with several, including the long standing Turkish spot Bereket, getting forced out by developers.
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Katz's Delicatessen

205 E Houston St, New York, NY

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