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Mile End Gets in a Fight About the Definition of Poutine

Photo: Mile End/Official Site

Over at Gawker, Michelle Dean is outraged by Mile End's Poutine Week riffs on poutine, which include more than the traditional cheese curds, gravy and fries. Responding to a photo depicting three poutines with all kinds of crazy toppings, Dean indignantly asks: "What is all this vegetable matter? It is horrifying…. Stop this. Stop lying to the Americans about poutine, or helping the Americans lie to themselves…." The restaurant responds: "We serve classic poutine year round on our regular menu. These concoctions are strictly for #poutineweek." Adding: "Not upset. Just clarifying your ignorance." In any case, whether or not vegetables belong on poutine, fries topped with foie gras and a Thanksgiving dinner (both on offer this week) will still clog up the arteries just as well as the classic.
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