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Peter Entner is Planning an 'Off the Wall' Sandwich Shop

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Peter Entner: Pete Zaaz/Official Site

Peter Entner, the mastermind behind the out-there pizzas at Pete Zaaz is stepping away from the day to day operations at his Crown Heights pizzeria to open a new sandwich shop in Downtown Brooklyn. Entner tells Eater he's teamed up with Michael Kogan, a vet of the Owl's Head wine bar in Bay Ridge to open Boomwich on Atlantic Avenue, in the space that until very recently held an outpost of banh mi specialist Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches. The menu will consist of "off the wall" sandwiches, made in the same spirit as the pizzas at Pete Zaaz (which range from "Baked Potato" to "Cold Fried Chicken"). Expect weirdo variations on classics like a Philly cheese steak. Entner hopes to open the sandwich shop by mid-September. Meanwhile, some changes are afoot at Pete Zaaz.

Due to differences with his partners, Entner is parting ways with Pete Zaaz. Although he'll still be an owner, he is no longer involved in the restaurant's operations. Those partners, however, have some new plans for the space adjacent to the restaurant, which formerly held the Glass Shop. At one time the Pete Zaaz team planned to turn that cafe space into a larger dining room, which would serve an expanded menu. Those plans fell through, but now the team wants to turn it into Cafe Zaaz, a daytime cafe serving breakfast pizzas, waffles, and more. Pete Zaaz next door will remain the same, but the back garden will also get a revamp. No word on when those projects will be completed.
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