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The Early Word on the White Hot New NoMad Bar

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Nick Solares

In June, Daniel Humm and Will Guidara opened their sexy new two-story bar next door to the NoMad Hotel. The kitchen's turning out upscale riffs on pub fare with cocktails by NoMad bar director Leo Robitschek to guests who are willing to wait for a table, and from the very start, diners have been lusting after the newcomer's chicken pot pie. Here's what people are saying about the pie, the space, the cocktails, and everything in between.

The Good News: Steve Cuozzo files an early review declaring: "The new NoMad Bar just might have the best 'tavern food' ever by a four-star chef."

The Seat Selection News: First things first, arrive early. One diner tweets: "6pm and every bar stool and booth at the nomad bar is full. apparently i need to start leaving work earlier." After the wait, the second floor is the place to sit, according to a couple of Yelpers: "It's a nice way to see what's going on at the bar underneath you without feeling too guilty about the voyeuristic thrill it induces. But you didn't hear that from me." Another comments: "The second level especially feels less like a bar and more like a livelier, more casual version of The NoMad. The atmosphere up there is very swanky, with really sweet, big comfortable seats."

The Loud News: "I will be back to The NoMad Bar for sure, but I think I will bring some friends. The music is louder within the bar than I probably would like for just a date and some of the options for cocktails are definitely suited for large groups," one Yelper posts. Cuozzo chimes in calling it a "more affordable party fantasy that mimics, at a higher decibel level, NoMad's contemporary-plush look and shtick." And Gael Greene laments the volume, comparing it to the "cacophony" at The Breslin: "The ceiling soars stirring up a hurricane of noise." Her dining companion adds: "Maybe we can't talk, but we can drink."

The Outstanding Chicken News: Village Voice critic Zachary Feldman falls head over heels for the chicken pot pie."The NoMad Bar boasts one impressive fowl — this time in the form of a $36 chicken potpie.... Arriving at the table in a cast-iron cauldron with a skewer of seared foie gras and a quenelle of chilled truffle cream, it's nearly as impactful as the carcass flaunting that goes on at The NoMad. Its top deeply burnished and ballooned, the crust is cracked open soufflé-style so that the luxury ingredients can be dropped in. Based on an initial visit, it's more or less a steal, as it's heavy enough to share and is every bit as overbearingly decadent as you'd expect it to be given its ingredients." One Foursquare reviewer is a bit more cynical proclaiming: "Try the $36 chicken pot pie, so you can tell everyone you tried the $36 chicken pot pie."

The Rest of the Menu News: Lots of diners are excited about the Scotch olives. "[S]tuffed with melted sheep's milk cheese and wrapped in deep-fried, breaded, minced lamb. Like a miniature Scotch egg you'd find at a British pub, only designed by a star chef," writes Greene. But not everything is stellar: "baked clams with breadcrumbs and bacon (not bad but not good, mostly crumbs) and eggplant beignets with pine nuts and minted yogurt (in fact, boring little empanadas)," she adds. One Yelper also complains that "There aren't nearly enough of the crispy chips…" to go with the "Swiss cheese" dish. For dessert, try this hack: "combine the banana sammy and cookies & cream quenelles" for a mini ice cream sandwich.

The Expensive But Good Drink News: "That $198 ticket is not a mirage," says Time Out New York. And, even the more wallet friendly cocktails can rack up a big total, complains a Yelper: "The drinks are expensive ($16 each), but they are good. Basically half of the bill at the end of the night was based upon just four drinks...four really good drinks. Loisaida Avenue is a Jalapeño infused tequila with some extra parts, but be careful for HOW SPICY this is. It creates a nice heat in the back of your throat."

The Bathroom News: The unisex bathrooms are "super baller," and "glam" according to a few Yelpers. But be warned of the crowd that was hanging out there on a night Cuozzo dined: "'Ibuprofen,' begged a wobbly babe waiting her turn. 'I have coke and Xanax,' a stranger offered. I saw neither, but I cringed over gross items left in the toilet by giggling women. Had I stumbled into a sleazy downtown club by accident?"
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The NoMad Bar

10 W 28th St, New York, NY

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