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Smorgasburg Newcomers; Pop-Up at Dirty Bird

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WILLIAMSBURG — Two new vendors to check out at Smorgasburg: Upstate Rhubarb sells just one thing, rhubarb pie, by the piece or à la mode. During berry season, baker Rachael Yaeger mixes in some fresh strawberries into her grandmother's pie recipe. At East Coast Poke, the Hawaiian specialty poke is available, made with fresh tuna, avocado and sesame oil. [Eaterwire]

TRIBECA — Dirty Bird is hosting Underbelly, a pop-up with a seven course tasting menu for $65 every other Saturday starting on the 19th. "The menus are seasonal reflecting the Union Square and Chinatown markets, and always have some elements on the French Rotisserie and a Japanese Yakatori grill." Tack on $30 for a wine pairing or a $15 corkage fee to bring your own. To reserve a spot, email [Eaterwire]

LOWER EAST SIDE — The Experimental Cocktail Club launched a new cocktail menu this week. It plays on vintage cocktails from the 1940's -1970's, and includes some large format punches for four people. [Eaterwire]

PORTLAND — Take a tour of Portland's Olympic Provisions charcuterie making headquarters: "30,000 square feet dedicated to salami-making, meat smoking," and all things porky. [~EN~]

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