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Brooklyn Restaurant Has Weak Drinks 'For Ladies'

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Photo: Foursquare/Jay F.

Clinton Hill Mexican restaurant Los Pollitos III has divided its beverage menu up into a few basic categories: "For Kids," "For Women," "For Everyone," and "For Men." In parentheses underneath, the menu explains that the drinks in each category contain a different amount of alcohol. The kids' drinks are obviously booze-free, while the ladies' drinks have "light alcohol," and the men's drinks have "heavy alcohol" (the drinks that are for everyone just have "alcohol"). A manager tells DNAinfo that the menu is intended to "make people laugh," but bartender Leo Vasquez takes the categories more literally. He explains: "A lot of times ladies don't like to have the strong stuff," and therefore "the drinks for women are sweeter with less alcohol." Such drinks, which are $7 as opposed to the men's $10, include wine and Bailey's. Men, on the other hand, are expected to go for things like the El Toro, with vodka, gin, and Red Bull.

The in-between, "for everyone" category at Los Pollitos includes a mango maitai, a mojito, and "Sex on a Mexican Beach." Vasquez also makes it clear that there aren't any actual restrictions on who can order what. Nonetheless, DNAinfo reports that many ladies are not taking kindly to the suggestion that they might be better off with a Kahlua and cream than a Cucaracha Bomb.
· Brooklyn Restaurant Has Separate, Less Boozy Drinks Menu 'For Ladies' [DNAinfo]

Los Pollitos II

499 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY