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Coravins Have Been Causing Wine Bottles to Explode

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The Coravin in use by Erin Barbour Scala

The makers of the Coravin, the high-tech wine-saving device that has become popular among many of the city's top sommeliers, have just halted all sales after reports that the Coravin was making wine bottles explode. The expensive device allows a sommelier to pour a glass of wine through a needle inserted into the cork, and then preserves the rest of the wine by injecting inert gas back into the bottle. Coravin representatives say that the likelihood of the pressure from that gas causing a bottle to break is rare, but that nonetheless there have been seven reported cases of bottles exploding, one of which caused "lacerations."

The company has temporarily shut down sales, and recommends that Coravin owners stop using the device until the company can ship out special wine bottle sleeves to defend from explosions. In the meantime, restaurants like Má Pêche, Del Posto, and Ai Fiori may have to put a hold on some of their more interesting by-the-glass wine offerings.
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