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Five Things You Missed on Heritage Radio This Week

Heritage Radio is the food-focused internet radio station that broadcasts from a studio attached to Roberta's in Bushwick. Every week, many of the big players in the food world host and appear on shows, and oftentimes they reveal interesting tidbits about their work. Here's a guide to five notable pieces of programming from the last week:

6460910681_dfbe999e36_o.jpg1) The Dying Breed of the Diner:
Nikos Katsanevakis, the manager of Kellog's Diner in Williamsburg, talks to the guys of the show Eating Disorder, about the ins and outs of running a 24-greek diner institution in the heart of Williamsburg.

Over 15 years in the business…Well, the complaints are the same, basically, well, the food is not good, people are going to complain about the food, people are going to complain about service, people are going to complain about the guy that is drunk and why he is doing that, but people are going to complain about everything in general. Specifically for Kellog's Diner, the crowd is the main change, it's a reflection of the neighborhood, of Williamsburg. It's an amazing experience, for Kellog's Diner, the only main change I have seen is only the crowd. And the prices, of course.

558941_10151973725333670_516073969_n.jpg2) Executive Chef of Maison Premiere, Lisa Giffen:
On this week's episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, Lisa Giffen spoke about the transition from learning in NYC's great kitchens to taking ownership over a kitchen at Maison Premiere:

I've worked in such great grand houses that there was someone taking care of that. It was almost as if you didn't think that someone had to do it, you just came in and you cooked and you made food beautiful and made everything great, and this is like real life. Like, if the dishwasher doesn't show up, what do you do? You're too good to wash dishes? So I've washed dishes, I've shucked oysters, I've gone behind the ice machine and changed the hose, I've fixed the walk-in, I've defrosted things, things that I never thought that I'd ever have to know.

lior.jpg3) Spicemonger Lior Lev Sercarz:
On this week's episode of the close-up on all things food PR, All in the Industry, Shari Bayer spoke with Lior Lev Sercarz, chef, spice master and owner of La Boîte. Here he is, broadening the scope of good spice:
You don't even need to cook to use spices. You can sprinkle them on something that's already made- that's ok if you don't like to cook.
13912981723_a6220ff001.jpg4) Jeffrey Morganthaler of The Bar Book:
Damon Boelte of The Speakeasy spoke with bar manager at Portland, Oregon spots Clyde Common and Pepe Le Moko, and the author of The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique:
Recipes and flavors are so subjective, which is great! We don't have to agree about the proper proportions for a whiskey sour because there are so many different palettes and preferences. One thing we can agree on is that we should strain the lemon juice before the whiskey sour so there's no pulp. The technique is more objective, which is fun for me.

1904270_897424166951189_8689373380928732495_n.jpg 5) Coney Island On Tap Beer Festival:
AJ Bodden paid Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy's No. 43 and Beer Sessions Radio a visit to talk about the upcoming Coney Island On Tap Beer Festival Saturday, July 12. Here were his thoughts on the changing winds of the beer scene in New York:
New York state has a tremendous fraternity of brewers and beer professionals. There are more and more every dat! it's exciting - there's room for everybody in craft beer. We see it as a privilege to be able to go out there and spread the word.

— Peter Henry

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