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New Clubstaurant Coming to Chateau Cherbuliez Space

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Chateau Cherbuliez, the restaurant that produced the world's greatest press release, died a quiet death sometime over the last few months. This space in the Limelight was once home to one of Todd English's quirkier flops, the Gothic margarita lair known as Crossbar, and Todd was also affiliated with the shortly-lived Chateau, which had a vague 1920s Paris theme. But that's all ancient history now, because a new American restaurant/bar from former EMM Group staffer Steve Martinek is moving in. Martinek wanted to call it The Abbey, but that name was taken.

As a nod to the space's previous life as a church, guests will enter through a confessional booth. Martinek tells DNAinfo: "[W]e're going to have a streaming-style service, where customers can order many plates at once, and they come out one at a time, so people can share the plates together. It's very social." The new as-yet-unnamed project is slated to open this fall with a menu that might include things like spinach-artichoke macaroni and cheese, and a duck burger.
· Speakeasy Behind Confessional Opening at Limelight [DNAinfo]

Château Cherbuliez

47 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011 212-203-7088 Visit Website

Chateau Cherbuliez

47 W 20th St., New YOrk, NY