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Chumley's Looks Likely To Vanquish NIMBY Lawsuit

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It's been seven years since the historic building that housed Chumley's collapsed, and the bar's seemingly never-ending quest to reopen crossed another important hurdle this week, when a judge told the NIMBYs who sued to stop the re-opening that their case was a real long shot and they should consider settling out of court. You see, the new neighbors who don't remember that Chumley's existed in the same location for more than eight decades tried to compare having a well run food and beverage business to a brothel in an effort to overturn the State Liquor Authority from restoring Chumley's liquor license.

Everyone sees the ridiculousness of that logic, but it only takes money to drag out a frivolous lawsuit. Now a judge has told the NIMBYs that their challenge is a long shot, but these "concerned citizens" have spent more than four years fighting in vain, so it doesn't seem likely that they will take the honorable Barbara Jaffe's advice to let it go. Let's hope they do.
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