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Roberta's Is Currently Delivering Pizza to Midtown

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Photo: Krieger

From now through the end of July, Roberta's is delivering pizzas to Midtown. Although the deal comes with a few catches, this is the best chance there is of getting one of those pies without trekking out to Bushwick (or Rockaway Beach). For as long as the Roberta's team is operating its booth at Broadway Bites, the outdoor food market in Greeley Square, Manhattanites can order 12 to 36 pies for delivery anywhere between 23rd Street and 49th Street, and between 9th Avenue and 3rd Avenue. Orders have to be placed 24 hours in advance, but this is as good a chance as any to host a cool Brooklyn pizza party while still within the confines of Midtown. Both Broadway Bites and the delivery deal end on August 1, after which the only Roberta's pizza available in Manhattan will be the frozen pies sold at Gotham West Market.
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Broadway Bites

Broadway At 32nd St New York, NY 10001