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City Wants Coal Oven Pizzerias to Buy $10K Air Filters

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Grimaldi's coal oven by Nick Solares

Mayor Bill DeBlasio is a backing a new piece of legislation that would require pizzerias with coal-fired ovens (and wood-fired ovens, for that matter) to install a pricey air filter in order to cut down on carbon emissions and other air pollutants. If the law passes, many of the city's oldest and finest pizza establishments, including Totonno's, Grimaldi's, Lombardi's, Patsy's, and John's of Bleecker Street, will have to shell out $10,000 or more to install a filter on their iconic ovens, as will wood-fired spots like Roberta's and Paulie Gee's. City environmental officials say that the law would allow restaurants to stick to tradition while still improving the air quality for those with respiratory problems. But restaurant owners argue that their ovens make only a minute contribution to the overall air pollution. As Grimaldi's manager Gina Peluso puts it, "There's worse pollution if you just stand under the Brooklyn Bridge."

If the law does pass, pizzerias would have to install the new filters by 2020 (or apply for an extension), but wars have been waged over coal ovens before, so don't expect these places to give in without a fight.
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