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Ex-Manager Sues Betony Over Alleged 'Abusive Conduct'

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A former private events manager at Betony is now suing the restaurant's owner, Andrey Dellos (who also owned its predecessor, Brasserie Pushkin) over claims that general manager Eamon Rockey allegedly assaulted and/or threatened her and several other employees during her time there. Among other things, Maryanne Storms claims that she was cheated out her commissions on events, and that Rockey responded with "threatening and abusive conduct" when she complained. The most outrageous of the suit's allegations, however, involve Rockey's treatment of other employees.

Although no other employees appear to be directly involved in this lawsuit, Storms includes incidents involving several people besides herself. She says that Rockey assaulted a pastry chef, threatened others, and strangest of all, sent one waitress to the emergency room by intentionally putting fish sauce in one waitress's sloppy joe at family meal, knowing that she was allergic to seafood.

Despite all this, Storms doesn't appear to have leveled any charges against Rockey himself, but is instead suing Dellos for damages because he failed to discipline Rockey. Asked to comment on the suit, the Betony team responds: "We have learned that a complaint has been filed and have referred it to our counsel to review. We have no further comment."
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