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Booker And Dax Launches Bar/Table Reservations

Photo: Tumblr/Momofuku

The Momofuku Team's wildly popular East Village bar, Booker and Dax, is now taking a limited number of reservations each night. The current "menu" lists a communal table for one to six people, and bar slots for one to three people. Right now, there are two reservations for the big table for this evening, both on the extremely early side, so it looks like this service might be most useful for people that are planning drink meet-ups with friends or co-workers. The free reservations are offered via a CityEats widget on the Momofuku site. The homepage notes: "Booker and Dax is primarily a walk-in bar."
· Book and Dax [Official]
· Momofuku [Tumblr]

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

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Booker and Dax

207 Second Avenue, New York, NY