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Saltie Dinner at Achilles Heel; A New Hudson Eats Vendor

GREENPOINT — Achilles Heel is hosting a curry dinner from Saltie this Thursday. Saltie chef Caroline Fidanza (who goes way back with the Andrew Tarlow empire, as the opening chef at Diner) will serve a la carte dishes like curry meatballs, kedgeree, and naan with dal. No reservations necessary. [EaterWire]

FIDI — The final vendor at the Hudson Eats food hall will be Northern Tiger, a northern Chinese spot from Erika Chou and Doron Wong of Yunnan Kitchen. The counter will serve dumplings and noodles, and should be open by fall. The Times also reports that Upper East Side restaurant Rouge Tomate will move downtown by the end of the year, due to "economics." [NYT]

WEEK IN REVIEWS — Bill Addison reviews Minibar, José Andrés' modernist 12-seat restaurant in DC for this week's installment of the Road to the 38. He finds the restaurant "in its most masterful phase yet," with dishes like "apple-scented meringue in the shape of a rubber ducky filled with sultry foie gras ice cream." Read the full report on Eater National. [~EN~]

Achilles Heel

180 West St., Brooklyn, NY