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Bar Bolonat Forced to Close Large Part of Dining Room

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A tipster sends word that Einat Admony's newest, Bar Bolonat, has had to close off part of its dining room. Although it's completely indoors, the front area of the restaurant shown above is technically an outdoor area that the restaurant enclosed, and therefore still counts as a sidewalk cafe. The restaurant has been forced to close the area and remove all the tables (which used to be quite a few) until it can get the proper permits.

Per the tipster, this makes the dining room "really small." A host said they hope to have that section back up and running in a month. Eater has reached out to Admony for more details on the situation.
Update: Ms. Admony tells Eater: "We are currently in the process of resolving this issue and hopefully in the new next weeks it will be behind us...In the meantime, we are operating our beautiful private dining room (a wine-cellar) as an extra seating space for dinners."
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Bar Bolonat

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