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Juni's Vegetable Tasting Menu; OpenTable by the Numbers

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Juni by Krieger

MIDTOWN — Shaun Hergatt's Juni is now offering a $50 five-course vegetarian tasting menu for lunch with optional wine pairings for $25. The vegetable menu includes dishes like hearts of palm with purple basil, arugula soup, and gnocchi with frieze-dried goat cheese. The early summer tasting menu is also available during lunch. [EaterWire]

RESERVATION WARSEarlier today, Priceline announced plans to buy OpenTable for $2.6 billion. The big question a lot of people are asking right now: How did OpenTable get to that number? And, is it worth it? Eater National takes an in-depth look at the history of both OpenTable and Pricline, and their growth over the years. [Eater National]

BRYANT PARKNick Curtin's Lower East Side hot spot Rosette will be one of the vendors serving food at the Bryant Park Summer Film Festival this summer. The Rosette team will be serving wood-oven asparagus, roasted avocado, and a vinegar-based switchel beverage. The crew is working as part of the Hester Street Fair food stands for the film series, which kicks off on Monday. [EaterWire]


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