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Meat Company Recalls Beef Sent to NYC Restaurant

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Fruitland America Meat is recalling 4,012 pounds of beef that were sent to a Whole Foods distribution center in Connecticut and one New York restaurant for fear that some of the beef might have what the AP describes as "properties related to mad cow disease." The USDA will not say which New York restaurant received this beef, because the group never reveals the names of restaurants tied to food recalls, but apparently the establishment in question has already removed the potentially dangerous product. The Connecticut Whole Foods distribution center supplies several supermarkets throughout the Northeast, although the USDA has not released the list of stores yet.

The USDA says that there's no evidence that the cattle showed signs of mad cow disease, but slaughterhouse logs indicate that Fruitland might have included parts of the cow that should have been removed. There have been no cases of illness yet, and the USDA characterizes this as "Class II" recall, where there's a "remote probability" of health problems.
· Beef Sent to NYC Restaurant Recalled for Possible Mad Cow Risk [AP/NBC]
[Photo: Fruitland America Meat]