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New Bill Wants to Fine Restaurants for Leaky Garbage

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City Councilwoman Margaret Chin will introduce a bill today that would require restaurants to pay a fine if their garbage leaks on the sidewalk. In neighborhoods like Chinatown, she tells DNAinfo, "you can see this grease buildup on the sidewalk" from restaurant trash left out for collection. She blames leaky garbage for much of the city's rat problems, and says the Department of Health supports her in the attempt to curb the amount of food oozing onto the sidewalk.

If passed, the bill would fine restaurants between $100 and $500 for the first leaky garbage offense, and up to $900 for multiple offenses. The bill would also apply only to food and drink establishments, since they are "biggest offenders." Restaurant advocates, however, argue that there are already fines for garbage left out on the street and that, as one lawyer for the New York State Restaurant Association puts it, "The answer to every problem is not to create a new law with a new fine."
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