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David Chang Draws Shake Shack's Longest Line Ever

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Photo: randygarutti/Instagram

Remember how many people lined up in the rain yesterday for Daniel Boulud's "Piggy Shack" burger at Shake Shack? Well, that line was nothing compared to the one for David Chang's "Shrimp Stack" burger today. There are currently over 400 people in line, and Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti speculates that it's the longest line in Shake Shack's 10 year history. David Chang himself is even on the scene, surveying the madness that the promise of his shrimp and hozon-topped cheeseburger has brought upon Madison Square Park, and right now it's even more nuts than that time Dominique Ansel served Cronut Hole Concretes.

Here's another look at the scene right now:

There are only 1000 of Chang's special burgers available, so at this point the chances of getting one if you're not already in line are slim. But remember, in the next three days Shake Shack will serve burgers created by Andrew Zimmern, April Bloomfield, and Daniel Humm as part of its 10th anniversary celebration, so there will be plenty more opportunities to wait in line.
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