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With Many Events on the Books, ReBar Suddenly Closes


Dumbo's popular bar/restaurant/movie theater/event space ReBar is now shuttered with a sign on the door reading: "ReBar is closed and bankrupt. DO NOT ENTER." Staff members were not told about the closure of the restaurant until this morning, when owner Jason Stevens sent out an email asking for his crew to drop off keys. Many staff members were supposed to get paid today, and they have not received any word on whether or not they will get their hard-earned cash.

To make matters worse, ReBar has a full event calendar in the coming weeks. A former manager tells Gothamist: "Literally hundreds of couples who have paid in full or partially to have their weddings at Rebar and other venues have been screwed by this man. Not to mention the dozens of purveyors and vendors who are owed money." A 40th birthday party was on the books for tonight, and two weddings were also scheduled for this weekend. Sounds like a proper nightmare. Hopefully the staff and the people that have scheduled events at the bar will get their money back soon.
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147 Front St., Brooklyn, NY 11201