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Sara Kramer to Open Two Los Angeles Restaurants

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Sara Kramer's next project will not be in New York. The chef, who earned raves for her work at Glasserie in Greenpoint, is headed to Los Angeles with plans to open two restaurants with her former sous chef/current partner in crime Sarah Hymanson. One of these restaurants will be a sit-down Middle Eastern establishment, and the other will be a falafel shop. Kramer and Hymanson are still looking at neighborhoods in Los Angeles where they plan to open these restaurants.

Last night, Eater chatted with Kramer at "A Feast for the Senses," an event hosted by Bon Appetit and Aesop, where the chef prepared dishes inspired by the brand's line of essential oil-based products.

Here are the details on the move:

Ms. Kramer explains her plan:

We're thinking about two concepts, simultaneously, and the order in which they open might depend a lot on exactly the the space that we find. We're opening up a falafel shop, and a kind of casual, Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant based on shared plates, but certainly not purely Middle Eastern; very much relying upon and depending upon and being excited by California, the bounty.

We both went there for a trip, a vacation, just to kind of check it out. We had a friend contact us, asking whether we were interested in opening a restaurant out there or not. The thought had actually crossed my mind, personally, me more so than Sarah Hymanson, because my boyfriend and his family are from there. We went out there and we were inspired by the opportunity out there and how wide open and tangible it feels to do something great there. I grew up in New York, I've been here a long time, I love it here, but I'm excited for a change.

No word yet on when Kramer and Hymanson will move, or where exactly the new restaurants will be located. There's a chance that the sit-down restaurant and the falafel shop will be attached to each other, but if they are in separate spaces, they will be located in the same general neighborhood.
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