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Patti Jackson Opens Delaware and Hudson in Egg Space

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Chef Patti Jackson, formerly of iTrulli, just opened a new restaurant in the old Egg space in Williamsburg called Delaware and Hudson. Ms. Jackson is serving a $48 four-course menu where guests pick an entree and the rest of the dishes are served family-style, kind of like the old school, 2010 Torrisi Italian Specialties dinner menu. The Robs note that the chef is showcasing "foods from Baltimore to Buffalo," with a menu that includes pike fritters, pretzel rolls, farmer's cheese dumplings, and a rabbit terrine.

Delaware and Hudson is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday, and brunch will kick off this weekend. Take a look at the first menu below, and do send any early reports our way.

May Day Menu 2014

Appetizers to Share
pretzel rolls
breakfast radishes with ramp butter
chickweed pie
rabbit terrine with wild dandelions & turnip flowers
wall-eyed pike fritter with ramp kraut

First Course
farmer's cheese dumplings with
flowering wild mustard

Main Course
roast leg of lamb with
roasted potatoes & sauteed ramps
pan-seared wild striped bass with
sunchoke puree & sauteed ramps
scalloped potatoes, egg, & goat cheese with
sauteed ramps & watercress

Desserts for the Table

Menu Fixe $48
Please let us know of any dietary restrictions.
We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Delaware and Hudson
135 North 5th St., Williamsburg
Now open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday

· First Look at Delaware and Hudson [GS]

Delaware and Hudson

135 North 5th St., New York, NY