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Mars Bar 2.0 Will Be Very Different From Mars Bar 1.0

What do a juice bar, two nightclubs, and a legendary dive bar have in common? We're all about to find out, because there are some additional details to share about the second coming of Mars Bar, the last true dump bar of the East Village. According to the actual application that was submitted to Community Board 3, and from the looks of things, it appears that Mars Bar owner Hank Penza has decided to partner with folks that are known for very different types of bars and clubs.

EV Grieve files the report, showing that Penza has apparently partnered with "Alain Palinsky, a co-founder of Juice Press, Chris Reda, an owner of The Griffin in the Meatpacking District, and Robert Montwaid, an owner of the club The Pink Elephant." The new Mars Bar will feature 15 tables and a single bar, with plans for a security company to be on site three to four times per week, which is funny because Mars Bar's old customers were usually scary enough to handle security on their own. Hey-o!

Before everyone goes all berserk on Hank Penza and talks about how horrible this is, let's remember that the man is in his 80s, and he just so happens to have a very valuable asset known as a full liquor license smack in the middle of a very desirable neighborhood. But developing a raw space into a code-compliant, modern operation takes a lot of time and more importantly, money. Now Penza has found a way to get back in the game, and it only makes sense that he found some partners to help him. Once the old Mars Bar was leveled to make way for a high rise, it was impossible to think that the old dank space would ever return. So let's support Penza on his next business endeavor, whatever it may be.
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