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FDNY Locks Rochelle Out Of It

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2014_05_leaverochelle.jpgThe FDNY shut down Lower East Side boîte Leave Rochelle Out Of It after a surprise visit on Saturday night, finding that the bi-level bar was not safe for occupancy by people. The bar, owned by DelShah Capital, replaced the old Cocktail Bodega space after Michael Shah feuded with ex BFF Matt Levine, and it was named after the ex-girlfriend of the the two bros who run the place. No word on when Rochelle will reopen, and it's safe to assume that Levine is having a good laugh about all of this. [BB]

Michael Shah, owner of the the Line Group and Rochelle tells Eater: "Leave ROCHELLE Out of It is temporarily closed as we are working to solve the issue at hand with the FDNY. Rochelle's has all of the proper certificates noted on the violation, and we are working through the proper channels to resolve the situation. Rochelle's plans to re-open shortly and will continue to serve the Lower East Side as one of The Line Group's most successful and esteemed venues."