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Nolita Japanese Restaurant MaisonO Calls it Quits


Nolita Japanese restaurant MasionO and its basement club The Stardust Lounge have quietly closed for good. Restaurateurs Lou Ceruzzi, Matt Abramcyk, and Serge Becker teamed up to open MaisonO last July with acclaimed chef Tadashi Ono, formerly of La Caravelle and Matsuri, in the kitchen. Most of the critics skipped MaisonO, but the restaurant generated some decent buzz online, with much of the praise directed at Ono's cooking.

Here's the official statement from Team MaisonO:

Owner Lou Ceruzzi with partners Matt Abramcyk, Serge Becker, Jason Volenec and Genc Jakupi have closed their Japanese izakaya MaisonO and the bar downstairs. The restaurateurs plan to reopen in the space, bringing a new restaurant to the neighborhood.
No word yet on what will take its place. Kenmare and Civetta also had relatively brief runs in this space.
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98 Kenmare St, New York, NY 10012