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Year-Old MePa Restaurant Manon Takes a Summer Break

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Daniel Krieger

The Gallery at Villard Michel Richard isn't the only big restaurant that's going on an extended summer break starting this week. Sprawling Meatpacking District loungestaurant Manon is taking three months off for a revamp. A rep for the restaurant notes that the team will use this hiatus "as an opportunity to concentrate on a new culinary & nightlife concept that will be unveiled in the fall."

The restaurant opened last summer with cocktails by hot shot bartender Aaron Polsky and food by Public Veteran Tae Strain. It got panned by a few critics, and it made a memorable cameo during Shitshow Week 2013. Manon is backed by Andrey Dellos, the same Russian tycoon that opened Brasserie Pushkin and its way, way better replacement restaurant, Betony. No word yet on what Manon 2.0 will look like, or what kind of food it will serve.
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