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Friedman & Bloomfield Want to Open a Sandwich Shop

Ken Friedman confirms that he and April Bloomfield are eyeing the San Loco space for a new restaurant. The restaurateur tells Bedford and Bowery that:

When this San Loco situation came up — and it's got a 4 a.m. liquor license — I thought this is perfect: we can experiment with all the ideas we've been thinking about in the East Village, starting with homemade pastries in the morning and great coffee, and April's always wanted to open a sandwich shop. And we've always wanted to do a great wine bar, so we thought let's do them all!

And even though they started filling out paperwork yesterday, the deal's not final until they secure a liquor license. Here's a look at the proposed menu, which has Spotted Pig type snacks, like chicken liver toast, and at least fifteen different sandwich options.

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The Spotted Pig

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Spotted Pig Sandwich Shop

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