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Feast Fans Retaliate in Force Against Google Glass Users

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Feast by Krieger

The Google Glass users who panned Feast with fake reviews have stirred up a nasty, ongoing battle over privacy and the use of the new technology. Hundreds of Feast's fans rallied to the restaurant's side last week, and both Feast and Glass-user Katy Kasmai have made some steps towards reconciliation, but neither has issued an outright apology. As things finally simmer down, here's a rundown of everything that's transpired in the war between Feast and Glassholes.

· Last week Feast had 28 user reviews on Google, 13 of which were fake one-star reviews from enraged Google Glass users. Now the restaurant has 500 new reviews, all from supporters and Glass opponents. Its rating is up from 3.1 stars to 4.5 stars, which a representative tells EV Grieve illustrates the point it was originally trying to make, that "the whole online rating system for restaurants is flawed."
· Feast has taken Kasmai up on her offer to demonstrate her Google Glass to the staff, in order to "try to give everyone the best possible experience," including Kasmai. It has not, however, issued an apology. Nor has Kasmai, although she did insist that she never encouraged anyone to give Feast nasty reviews.
· Feast is also not promising that it'll make any changes to its policy once Kasmai does come back and explain. A rep says that if the "if the overwhelming majority [of customers] are uncomfortable with Glass, then our policy stands," adding that the policy is no different that requiring customers to be clothed, and has nothing to do with discrimination.
· But meanwhile, the folks at Feast gave away free drinks last night to thank all those supporters who stood up to the Glassholes, which suggests that they're inclined to stick to their guns on the anti-Glass policy.
Only time will tell how this particular war will shake out, but as Google Glass becomes more common, this likely won't be the last time a restaurant gets entangled in the privacy debate.
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