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MMA Fighter Explains the 1OAK Bouncer Attack

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Renzo Gracie has broken his silence over the alleged MMA gang attack on 1OAK bouncer Craig Molesphini, in which it was alleged that Gracie and six of his cohorts from the Gracie Clan rolled up to the club in a gray van and went all Sho Nuff on him and the rest of the club's security staff. Gracie said that he was angry because of the poor way that Molesphini and his co-workers treated people at the door, including a woman who told Gracie that he couldn't go inside "because you are fat and ugly."

Gracie said that after he took down Molesphini but before he started to pummel him, Molesphini pleaded "why you doing this? I don't know you, why are you beating me up?," so Gracie let him go because he knew that his opponent wouldn't fight back. Now Gracie is hoping that the DA will see that this wasn't a real gang attack and that the charges won't amount to much of a penalty.
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