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Platt Gives One Star Each to The Gander & Bar Bolonat

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This week, Adam Platt reviews Jesse Schenker's The Gander in the Flatiron District, and Einat Admony's Bar Bolonat in the West Village. The critic does not like the vibe of the dining room at the former, and he finds that some of the quirkier dishes on the menu, like the Buffalo sweetbreads and brisket-stuffed tater tots, fall flat. Still, there are some winning dishes at The Gander:

The arctic char was my favorite seafood entrée (although it works best once you wipe the distracting mass of cocoa beans and chorizo from its top), and if you want something heavier, try the suckling pig, which is set in a glistening, slightly overrich muddle of Provençal-style artichokes mingled with salsa verde
Platt likes the burger and several of the dishes on the lunch menu, too.

Down in the West Village, Platt recommends ordering "anything to do with vegetables" at Bar Bolonat. He's also a fan of the minute steak, the beef cheek tagine, and the "hard-topped crème brûlée." The critic gives both restaurants one star each.
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Bar Bolonat

611 Hudson Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 390-1545 Visit Website

The Gander

15 W 18th Street, New York, NY 10011 212-229-9500

The Gander

15 West 18th St., New York, NY