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Hangover Club Shifts Pain From Your Head to Your Wallet

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Promising to "cure your hangover on your lunch break" The Hangover Club is a new service that will be opening up several "pop up" locations, as well as operating a "hangover bus," in Manhattan beginning next month. Stocked with intravenous hydration administered by licensed nurses, masseuses, an oxygen bar, and "complimentary hair of the dog cocktails," the service also offers delivery of said treatments for those too smashed to leave home. And if the pain of the hangover isn't enough to teach you a lesson, the prices you will pay certainly should.

The as-yet-to-open service's claimed "most popular package" is called the wet lunch and costs $150, although they are offering it for a limited time price of $79. It includes a "level-28 hydra-IV infusion" (whatever that means), a B12 booster and an unspecified "elixir" for pain. There will be five hangover "spa" locations spread through out Soho, the Financial District, and Midtown, and there is a "free membership" offer currently on the table. This might all look more reasonable if you are drunk.
· The Hangover Club [Official Site]