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Feast Viciously Panned by Enraged Google Glass Users

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Feast by Krieger

Last month the Google rating of Feast suddenly plummeted to three stars, thanks to a series of 13 one-star customer reviews. Upon investigation, it became apparent that all 13 of them were written by irate Google Glass aficionados, furious that the restaurant had deigned to ask one woman to remove her Google Glass. According to management, customers had expressed privacy concerns over the device in the past, so when Glass-wearer Katy Kasmai walked in last month, she was politely asked to remove it. Instead she walked out, and then wrote a post about it on Google+, which in turn spurred 12 of her Glass-loving followers (many of who do not even live in NYC) to write reviews like "Luddites can't serve good food," and "Ignorant bigots and hateful. Perhaps being illegally discriminate too."

Since the news broke this morning, Kasmai has offered to come back and show the restaurant how Google Glass works "so you can explain to customers with concerns." And a manager at Feast tells EV Grieve that the policy on Glass is not "set in stone," so there's a chance that Feast may be able to mend relations with Glass users before anything escalates to an all-out brawl.
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