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Hot Bird Owner Explains the Bar's No Children Policy

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Photo: Foursquare/Yunee B.

Frank Moe, the owner of Hot Bird, has issued a lengthy clarification of the news that his Clinton Hill beer garden has banned children. First of all, he says, it's true that the bar has a no children policy, but it's had that policy since last summer, not last week. And contrary to the Post's claims, Hot Bird was never "swamped by families, and never said they created a ruckus." The ban on children, Moe says, is simply the easiest way to avoid confrontations with the "little minority of parents who have a sense of entitlement." Unattended children pose a legal liability as well as an annoyance, and Moe explains: "It's sometimes difficult to turn away responsible parents that we wished were welcome as customers, but it's easier just to ask everyone not to come in with their kids, and avoid the headache of selecting who is well behaved and who is not."
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Hot Bird

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