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Gabrielle Hamilton Revamps the Entire Prune Menu

This month, Gabrielle Hamilton threw out all the old dishes on the Prune menu and introduced a whole new set of original appetizers and entrees. This is the first time she's overhauled the menu in 15 years of business. Over the last decade and a half, Ms. Hamilton has basically been serving the same list of hits, but now the bone marrow, sweetbreads, and the spatchcocked pigeon are all gone. The only old dishes that remain on the menu are the Triscuits with sardines and mustard, and the radishes with sweet butter. The chef tells Charlotte Druckman that after doing recipe testing for her new book, she felt "a physical, chromosomal imperative to put all of that to permanent bed and let new grass grow over the fresh grave."

The menu is not available online yet, but some of the new dishes include marinated anchovies with a celery salad, classic escabeche, pastrami-style duck breast with an omelette, and pork cutlet Milanese. No word yet on whether the brunch menu is also completely different. Stay tuned for more details on the Prune 2.0 menus as they become available.

UPDATE: Here's the new menu, which is now hanging in the window of Prune:

[Please click here to zoom in extra big]

Guess what? The brunch menu is exactly the same:

[Please click here to zoom in extra big]
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