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1OAK Bouncer Beaten by Massive MMA Posse

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Being a doorman at a top NYC club can be a lot of fun, but the job also has some big drawbacks. Unfortunately for 1OAK bouncer Craig Molesphini, Monday was one of those really horrible days running the door, when two mixed martial arts fighters and their five man clan attacked him after refusing to allow two of their MMA "masters" into the club last week. The attackers were led by Renzo Gracie and his cousin Igor of the Gracie clan, which is apparently a thing. As Molesphini explains to the New York Post,

At 1:30 a.m. a gray van pulled up, parked in the middle of the street, seven men exited the vehicle and started creating mayhem, screaming, pointing, starting to pick fights with the security guards. One man, [who] I later learned was Renzo, came in my direction, threw the velvet rope on the floor, ran straight into my chest and knocked me back onto the concrete floor onto my elbow.

He compared it to a scene in Enter the Dragon, with seven martial arts masters battling security guards and pulling moves. After the brawl, the attackers tried to get back into their van and pull away but the NYPD had already arrived and blocked their escape. No one at the Gracie dojo is willing to comment, but expect the victims to press full charges.
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