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Is This the Sample Menu for The Spotted Pig Team's Cafe?

New York City might be getting a new East Village cafe from The Spotted Pig's dynamic duo, Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield. Yesterday, EV Grieve floated the rumor that they were attached to the former San Loco space at 151 Avenue A, and new paperwork (PDF) submitted to the CB3 shows a very April Bloomfield-ish menu with things like devils on horseback, a lamb meatball sandwich, an apple and cheddar salad, and chicken liver toast. The documents also note that the applicants have been operating New York restaurants since 2004, which is the year that The Spotted Pig opened. It looks like this would be a tiny restaurant with a seven-seat bar and five tables.

Friedman has yet to confirm or deny that he and April Bloomfield are involved with this space. It's also worth noting that in the past, they have gone through the process of applying for liquor licenses many times without actually committing to the spaces they were eyeing. So, everything's up in the air, but it sounds like this could be another fun, unusual project from the Spotted Pig Team.

Here is the sample menu that was submitted to the CB3 — keep in mind that this could drastically change before opening day.:

Breakfast and Dessert

Seasonal Fruit Tarts $6
Assorted Cookies $3
Cheesecake Tart $8
House-made granola $6

Menu available for both lunch and dinner.

Roasted Almonds$4
Marinated Olives$4
Deviled Egg$4
Pot of Pickles$6
Chicken Liver Toast$7
Devils on Horseback$8
spiced almonds $5
caramel popcorn $5
sea salt & pepper crisps $5

Sandwiches: (ranging from $6-$15)
Lamb meatball
Chicken and sage
Cauliflower and miticrema
Falafel, cucumber and tahini
Roasted pork with idiazabel and pickles
3 Cheese grilled cheese with or without ham
Egg salad with sprouts
Roasted pork tonnata
Piccalilli and cheddar
Hummus and cucumber
Roast beef with caraway mayo
Chicken salad with dill
Ham and Gruyere with Dijon and pickles
Prosciutto and provolone with roasted pepper
Smoked salmon with capers and cream cheese

Seasonal Salads (ranging from $6-$15)
Caesar salad with anchovy croutons
Radicchio salad with balsamic vinegar
Chickpea, olive, cucumber and feta salad
Apple and cheddar salad with whole grain mustard dressing
Bibb and little gem salad with gorgonzola
Roasted baby beets with grains and goat cheese

Selections of different meats and cheeses. Either available al a carte or on boards.

Our plan is to offer a selection of rotating artisanal products. Keeping beers and wine in stock that are local and made sustainably. Offering a selection of craft coffees that change periodically. Focusing on the craft work of producers and highlighting their specialties.

non-alcoholic beverages $6
Cucumber Celery Soda fresh cucumber & celery juice, lime, celery bitters Little Jumbo Ginger Brew fresh thai basil, ginger, organic spices, soda

Spring Fling
gordon's gin, cocchi americano rosa, lemongrass, prosecco, pressed lemon
Fancy Pimm's Cup
pimm's no.1, beefeater gin, little jumbo brew, pressed lemon, orange bitters
Pisco Punch
waqar pisco, fresh pineapple, vanilla, fresh lime

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