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Bourdain Lining Up 'Mind Blowing People' for Food Hall

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Bourdain in Granada episode of Parts Unknown. Photo: CNN

Anthony Bourdain is a very busy guy. In a new interview with Toqueland's Andrew Friedman, the author/TV star/former line cook explains that he's working on a sequel to his Get Jiro! comic book, a documentary about California cuisine legend Jeremiah Tower, and a memoir on his Ecco imprint from famed Hollywood manager Shep Gordon. And then, of course, there's his monster food hall project, which will open at an undisclosed location in New York City sometime in the next few years.

Here's what Bourdain says about the market:

I'm working hard on the food hall, the hawker center, which is looking to be pretty big. Can't really tell you more about it but we're getting some very, very, very interesting people involved. I mean, really mind‑blowing people. This will not be just another food hall. Not even close. It'll be, "Holy shit."
The location, opening date, and exact lineup of vendors have not been confirmed yet, but Departures recently reported that it would have 40 to 50 single concept stalls divided up into an Asian section, a "geographic spotlight" area, and a group of international/domestic vendors. Daniel Delaney is rumored to be one of the vendors, and Eater sources whisper that it might touch down at 3 World Trade Center.
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