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Denny's Gets a Liquor License, Promises to Be 'High End'

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There's no longer any question that New York will get its very first Denny's soon, although the opening date is now somewhat later than originally expected. After getting initial approval from Community Board 1 back in February, the long embattled restaurant scored final liquor license approval from the SLA this week.

Although originally slated to open this month, a representative now tells the Commercial Observer that it's "tentatively" scheduled to open by the end of the summer. Apparently the menu is "still in the planning stages," which suggest that it may include more than the standard Grand Slam breakfast. An attorney for the condo board of 150 Nassau also says that this Denny's has made "a lot of concessions" to appease the residents of the condos above it, including promises "to make it high-end" with a "beautiful buildout."
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150 Nassau St., New York, NY