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Danny Meyer Says Shake Shack Didn't Make Anyone Sick

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Danny Meyer himself responds with skepticism to Lucas Duda and Ryne Sandberg's claims that Shake Shack gave them food poisoning last week. The Mets player and Phillies manager both say they got violently ill from eating Shack burgers at Citi Field, but Meyer contends that if it was from the burgers, a lot more people would have gotten sick. Unlike getting a bad fish, he says, "[w]ith hamburger meat, it's an entire batch. And we haven't heard of one other case of food poisoning." Meyer adds that "We're trying everything we can to take this as earnestly has possible," but says his calls to Sandberg have not been returned.

Meanwhile, the Daily News reports that the recent claims do not appear to have a made a dent in the line for the Citi Field Shake Shack. One man says he was "encouraged" to come, reasoning that they must have "cleaned all of the germs" since the news broke. And of course, there's also the fact that the burgers supposedly didn't even come from the stadium location.
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