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CB3 Denies Spotted Pig Team's Plan for San Loco Space

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The Spotted Pig team faced opposition from the CB3 last night over plans for the proposed cafe in the old San Loco Space at 151 Avenue A. Bowery Boogie reports that members of the North Avenue A Block Association "cited the need for more retail balance" on the block, which already has plenty of bars and restaurants. EV Grieve hears that only one member of the Board voted in favor of the Spotted Pig team. Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield were not in attendance last night, but members of their staff were present at the meeting.

Eater reached out to Ken Friedman this morning. Here's his take on the situation:

From Ken Friedman:

As you know, we don't open in neighborhoods where we aren't wanted. It's just no fun when the people who live upstairs hate you. We love the East Village and specifically Avenue A. But if we aren't wanted there, we get it. Unfortunately for those who think they've done a great thing by preventing another restaurant or bar from opening there, they will discover that the rent is too high for a barber shop or frozen yogurt store, so a bar or another taco shop will most likely take this space. Too bad because we will do this in another 'hood, and we hope to create something extraordinary again.
So it sounds like Friedman and Bloomfield definitely won't by moving into the old San Loco space after all.

In other CB3 news, Hank Penza and his new partners Robert Montwaid (Pink Elephant), Alain Palinsky (Juice Press), and Chris Reda (The Griffin) got initial approval for their reboot of Mars Bar at 21 East First St. As they pitched the concept last night, it would have a juice bar-type operation downstairs during the day, with drinking upstairs at night. So, it looks like the Frankenstein's monster of a bar that is Mars Bar 2.0 is definitely happening.

EMM Group's Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm also appeared last night to request an alteration of their permits at Finale/The General. They wanted to move the dancing to the basement of Finale and turn the bakery in the front into a sushi stand of some sort. Bowery Boogie reports that they faced plenty of opposition, and ultimately the board denied an OP alteration. And over on Orchard Street, Rob Shamlian was denied an alteration to the downstairs bar at The Derby, and Mission Cantina was approved for an outdoor cafe.
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Old San Loco Space

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