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Adam Platt: 'We Are Living in the Golden Age of Lunch'

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New York critic Adam Platt takes a break from complaining about dessert and bemoaning the demise of Chinatown restaurants to praise the beloved meal that comes after breakfast but before dinner. The critic believes that "we are now living in the golden age of lunch." Platt argues that it's much easier to enjoy yourself at a hot spot during the middle of the day, and it's cheaper, too. Platt writes:

The great lapsed gourmet chef, Andrew Carmellini, serves wonderful lunches at his restaurants, and his latest downtown bistro, Lafayette, is no different. The grand room is a madhouse in the evenings, but if you go at lunchtime, you can enjoy non-dinner specialties like the chef's excellent brisket burger, and, unlike at dinner, it's actually possible to hear yourself think.
Aside from Lafayette, he likes to go to lunch at The Spotted Pig, Han Dynasty, Minetta Tavern, and Gotham Bar and Grill. Rumor has it that Platt is currently working on an ode to tea time, and an eviscerating take down of the midnight snack.
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