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ReBar Restaurateur Jason Stevens Is Still on the Lam

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Following the surprise shuttering of reBar last Friday, owner Jason Stevens has disappeared without a trace. Several employees claim that the restaurateur ran into trouble with the IRS recently, and a former chef believes that Stevens made off with 27K in cash and 150K in wedding deposits from the Dumbo restaurant and event space. One anonymous reBar worker tells Gothamist: "The state is after him and he is facing a minimum of 2.5 years in prison for $2.5 million dollars in unpaid taxes...The IRS came last year, then this past Wednesday he had an order to pay by Brooklyn Supreme Court but couldn't get the money."

Meanwhile, dozens of reBar employees have not received their last paychecks, and people that paid cash for future events have not gotten any refunds. Several restaurants throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan are offering special last-minute wedding packages to parties that were displaced by the closure of the bar, and some online campaigns have been set up to help the employees who didn't get paid. If you own a restaurant or event space and you want to help out the reBar wedding parties or the staff, let us know.
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