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Mars Bar 2.0 May Actually Become Pink Elephant 3.0

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Last week came the news that Mars Bar owner Hank Penza had partnered with some of New York's heaviest nightlife hitters to make good use of his existing liquor license and option for a retail space in the heart of the East Village. Everyone involved has stayed very quiet about everything, but the godfather of East Village blogging, EV Grieve, walked by the space and happened to spot some architectural plans showing that the working name of the project is actually the Pink Elephant.

It makes sense because one of the partners, Robert Montwaid, is a partner in that infamous club that was once part of Club Row but was forced to close, and is now a global brand with a small outpost in Greenwich Village. Is business going that well that they can have two clubs this close together, or will they be shutting down the Eighth Street club when (if) this Second Avenue one opens? Only time will tell.
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Mars Bar

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Mars Bar 2.0

11-17 2nd Ave., New York, NY