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Meet Eater Young Guns Semi-Finalist Elise Kornack

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Now that the the list of Eater Young Guns semi-finalists has been released, it's time to get to know these rising stars. Check this space for regular introductions to each of the 50 semi-finalists and tune in on June 24 to find the list of winners.

Not only is Elise Kornack of Take Root behind one of the rare female-run tasting menu-only dining rooms in this country, but she's conquering it all by her lonesome. At age 27. Her wife, Anna Hieronimus, oversees front of house, while Kornack handles every last point in the kitchen from prep to plating. This here is a two woman show at its finest, with all ingredients, inclusive of bread and butter, made onsite.

Kornack expanded her resume from chef to restaurateur in January 2013 when, at age 26, she soft launched Take Root, a three night a week restaurant (plating Thursday to Saturday nights) in Carroll Gardens. Prior to that she cooked under April Bloomfield at The Spotted Pig and most recently served as sous chef at Aquavit. In the last year plus, Kornack has won praise from the New York Times for her meticulous and beautifully plated tasting menus, for which she charges $85 to try 10 dishes in a tasteful, 12-seat shoe box-sized den. But for such a modest two woman show, dishes attack on a surprisingly confident and polished level — more like plates one would expect from a veteran chef.'s a deeply deeply personal experience..". >>

Take Root

187 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 11231