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Eataly Nutella Bar Madness; Ansel's First Year of Cronuts

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FLATIRON DISTRICT — A tipster sends in this photo of the line for Eataly's Nutella Bar, which is now officially open to the public. The bar is offering free pane con Nutella till 9 p.m. [EaterWire]

CRONUT MANIAAnd speaking of things that people wait in line for, today Dominique Ansel looks back on the first year of Cronut Mania. Here's the chef on expansion: "I think any healthy business should expand and grow. I think it has to be a mindful growth...I don't believe in replicating the same concept in a different location, but I believe in unique and different concepts." [Eater National]

EAST VILLAGE — Starting tomorrow, Huertas will be offering a "cans & conservas" special where guests can get a can of beer and a can of fish with bread and seasonings for $12. For example, a 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat beer will be offered with a can of Ortiz Mussels. [EaterWire]


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