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Support for Canceled ReBar Weddings and Employees

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Yesterday news broke that reBar shuttered without warning, leaving many parties without financial recourse for the money they lost. Since then, local businesses have stepped up to offer support and funds have been set up to help the hardest hit, which seem to be former employees and couples that paid full deposits for weddings they planned to hold in the space. Here's a breakdown of who's offering help:

· This Give Forward fund was setup to support the employees of reBar. The fund is "asking residents of Dumbo and Brooklyn to chip in $10 to help recover the lost wages of the hard working staff at reBar that have been left high-and-dry." [Give Forward]

· An IndieGogo account was set up specifically to help couples who planned to marry at reBar. The aim is to raise $90,000, a number which factors in two couples a weekend for the rest of the summer, ending up with 18 couples getting $5,000 each.

· The Stanton Social is offering a twenty percent discount for reBar victims. Contact for more information.

· Veronica M. Liskiewicz, a former reBar bride and the first reBar wedding and events coordinator, is offering special packages at the 3 West Club, where she is the Social Catering Sales Manager. Contact her at [Gothamist]

· The Green Building is also offering "special rates and packages for reBar couples." They offer full catering and beverage services as well as floral arrangements. Contact them at or at 718-522-3363. [Gothamist]

· Daniel Power of Powerhouse Arena has offered up their venue to stranded couples. Contact or 718-666-3049 x123 [Gothamist]

· Brooklyn Winery has offered their services for a "wedding or small party on short notice." Email [~ENY~]

· The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club has also passed along contact information, for those interested in using that space as a potential party venue. Contact [~ENY~]

· William Reed and the crew from the soon-to-open Williamsburg wine bar and event space Humboldt & Jackson would like to offer "a nice discount and menu package including a free wine and beer hour" for parties that had their weddings scheduled at reBar from July onward. Additionally, the bar is looking to hire event staff. Email for more info. [~ENY~]

UPDATE: A group of former reBar employees has also collected a list of venues that want to help out displaced parties. Check that out over on Gothamist.

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